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1.) Where do I find Bosco Points
Bosco Points can be found on the back of these bags:
- 4” Pizza Bosco Sticks 8pk retail bags
- 4” Cheese Bosco Stick 9pk retail bags
Just cut them out and send them in to get FREE STUFF from Bosco's Pizza Co .

2.) Where can I buy Bosco Stick retail and/or club pack bags?
3.) What do I get when I send my Bosco Points in?
If you send in four Bosco Points you will receive a FREE Bosco Stick t-shirt.

4.) Where do I send my Bosco Points?
Bosco’s Pizza Co.
25000 Guenther Rd.
Warren, MI. 48091

*CLICK HERE* to print out the Bosco Points form. Send this form with 4 points to Bosco's Pizza Co.